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Fiber Optic Consumables

Ultra High Vacuum Epoxy Glue 250ºC

UHV Epoxy / Glue - 250ºC

Part Number: 111785

High temperature UHV compatible epoxy.

Great for sealing in SMA 905 Fiber Optic connectors as well as many other vacuum components.

10 Syringes for Epoxy Application

Syringe for Epoxy Application

Part Number: 111787

Syringe for epoxy application into SMA 905 fiber optic connectors prior to polishing.5 per package.

2 Packs of Optic Prep Tissues

Optic Prep Tissue Pack

Part Number: 111791

Optic preparation tissue pack.5 per package.

Fiber Optic - Cleaning System

Fiber Optic - Cleaning System

Part Number: 111110

Fiber Optic Cleaning system. Cleaning dispenser with cleaning film.

5 Pack of Aluminum Oxide Polishing/Lapping Films

Aluminum Oxide Polishing / Lapping Films

Part Number: 111784

Aluminum Oxide polishing / lapping film.   9x11" sheets, 5 per package. Type: 30µm 12µm, 5µm, 3µm, 1µm, and 0.3µm are available here.

Dusting Kit - Compressed Air

Dusting Kit - Compressed Air

Part Number: 111792
Compressed air dusting kit.  Removes small dust particles from polishing area.
Small dust particles can damage fiber optic ends during polishing.
A Pair of White Lint-Free Cotton Gloves

Lint Free Cotton Gloves

Part Number: 111793

Lint free cotton gloves.3 pairs per package.

Piano Wire - Fiber Optics

Piano Wire - Fiber Optics

Part Number: 112248

Fiber optic piano wire to clean out broken fibers inside on connectors. 2 pieces, 0.004" (125um) diameter.

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Fiber Optic Polishing/Lapping Film and Consumables

Accu-Glass Products, Inc. recommends using at minimum, a four-step polishing process.  Quickly remove excess epoxy from the tip of the connector using 5µm or larger polishing/lapping film.  Proceed with the polishing/lapping process with 3µm film until all of the epoxies are removed from the connector tip.  Proceed to the 1µm film and polish to the desired finish.  A 0.3µm lapping film is available for situations that require an extra-fine polish.

High-temperature UHV Compatible Epoxy is supplied in single, two-part, 4-gram packs eliminating the need for measuring and cup mixing.  Ideally suited for UHV environments to 1x10-10 Torr and an operating temperature of 250°C and up to 400°C for brief periods.

Fiber optic consumables are available below to help make the polishing/lapping process and cleanup quick and easy.