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Ultra High Vacuum Epoxy Glue 250ºC

UHV Epoxy / Glue - 250ºC

Part Number: 111785

High temperature UHV compatible epoxy.

Great for sealing in SMA 905 Fiber Optic connectors as well as many other vacuum components.


Syringe for Epoxy Application

Part Number: 111787

Syringe for epoxy application into SMA 905 fiber optic connectors prior to polishing.5 per package.


Optic Prep Tissue Pack

Part Number: 111791

Optic preparation tissue pack.5 per package.


Aluminum Oxide Polishing / Lapping Films

Part Number: 111784

Aluminum Oxide polishing / lapping film.   9x11" sheets, 5 per package. Type: 30µm 12µm, 5µm, 3µm, 1µm, and 0.3µm are available here.

Dusting Kit - Compressed Air

Dusting Kit - Compressed Air

Part Number: 111792
Compressed air dusting kit.  Removes small dust particles from polishing area.
Small dust particles can damage fiber optic ends during polishing.

Lint Free Cotton Gloves

Part Number: 111793

Lint free cotton gloves.3 pairs per package.

Piano Wire - Fiber Optics

Piano Wire - Fiber Optics

Part Number: 112248

Fiber optic piano wire to clean out broken fibers inside on connectors. 2 pieces, 0.004" (125um) diameter.


Fiber Optic Polishing and Lapping Film and Consumables

Accu-Glass Products, Inc. recommends using at minimum, a four-step polishing process.  Quickly remove excess epoxy from the tip of the connector using 5µm or larger polishing/lapping film.  Proceed with the polishing/lapping process with 3µm film until all of the epoxies are removed from the connector tip.  Proceed to the 1µm film and polish to the desired finish.  A 0.3µm lapping film is available for situations that require an extra-fine polish.

High-temperature UHV Compatible Epoxy is supplied in single, two-part, 4-gram packs eliminating the need for measuring and cup mixing.  Ideally suited for UHV environments to 1x10-10 Torr and an operating temperature of 250°C and up to 400°C for brief periods.

General consumables are available below to help make the polishing/lapping process and cleanup quick and easy.