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Subminiature-C CF Feedthroughs

Conflat CF Flange Feedthroughs - Subminiature-C (Sub-C), drawing

Sub-C Feedthroughs Drawing

Subminiature-C Feedthrough on CF Flanges

Subminiature-C (Sub-C) multipin hermetic feedthroughs are designed for applications where space is limited inside your vacuum chamber.

This compact and unique 9-pin design allows installation into a 1.33-inch CF flange or two feedthroughs on a 2.75-inch conflat CF flange.  Nine gold-plated pins are arranged in a straight through pin-to-pin design and are hermetically sealed and electrically insulated in a stainless steel shell using the latest in glass-ceramic bonding technology.

Subminiature-C Feedthrough Specifications
  • Voltage, Maximum
  • Current, Per Pin Maximum @ 20ºC

500 VDC 
5 Amps*
*  For proper heat dissipation, a maximum of 20% of the pins on a feedthrough may carry the maximum pin current at any given time. 
Subminiature-C Feedthrough Material Specifications
  • Shell
  • Pins
  • Seal / Insulator
  • Connector, Air
  • Connector, Vacuum
  • Connector, Vacuum, High Temperature

304 Stainless Steel 
Au plated, Ni-Fe alloy 
Macor® Cermic

*  Peek is a Polyether-ether-ketone thermoplastic. 
Feedthrough Vacuum Range Specifications
Vacuum Range 
  • UHV, Ultrahigh vacuum

1x10-10 Torr
Feedthrough Temperature Range Specifications
Temperature Range 
  • Feedthrough
  • Flange Mount, Conflat
  • Connector / Cable, Air
  • Connector / Cable, Vacuum
  • Connector, Ceramic
  • Thermal Gradient

-200ºC to 250ºC 
-200ºC to 450ºC 
25ºC / Minute Maximum

* Overall assembly ratings must be adjusted to that of the lowest rated component. 

Sub-C CF Feedthrough Flange "Kit" Features:

  • All of the above features (Feedthrough Flange)
  • In Vacuum cable assembly:
    • PEEK Sub-C connector to Kapton insulated cable assembly, 19-inches long.
  • Air Side cable assembly:
    • Delrine Sub C connector to cable assembly, 96-inches long.

All feedthroughs are mounted on CF Flanges that incorporate the industry standard "captured copper gasket" sealing principle, making it easy to mount to your existing CF Flange ports.