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Conflat CF Flange Feedthroughs - Subminiature-C (Sub-C)

Subminiature-C Feedthrough, Kit on a 1.33
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9-Pin Kit, C-Type Feedthrough on a 1.33 CF Flange.

Kit included a Ultra High Vacuum cable and air service cable.

Sub-C Feedthrough on a 1.33 CF Flange
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9-Pin Subminiature-C Feedthrough on a 1.33" CF Flange.

Subminiature-C Feedthrough on a 2.75
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9-Pin, Subminiature-C Feedthrough on a 2.75 CF Flange.

Double 18 Pin Sub-C Feedthroughs on a 2.75
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18-Pin (Two 9-Pin), Subminiature-C Feedthroughs on a 2.75" CF Flange.

Conflat CF Flange Feedthroughs - Subminiature-C (Sub-C), drawing

Sub-C Feedthroughs Drawing

Subminiature-C (Sub-C) Feedthrough, Conflat CF Flanges.

Subminiature-C (Sub-C) multipin hermetic feedthroughs are designed for applications where space is limited inside your vacuum chamber.

This compact and unique 9-pin design allows installation into a 1.33-inch CF flange or two feedthroughs on a 2.75-inch conflat CF flange.  Nine gold-plated pins are arranged in a straight through pin-to-pin design and are hermetically sealed and electrically insulated in a stainless steel shell using the latest in glass-ceramic bonding technology.

Subminiature-C Feedthrough Specifications
  • Voltage, Maximum
  • Current, Per Pin Maximum @ 20ºC

500 VDC
5 Amps*
*  For proper heat dissipation, a maximum of 20% of the pins on a feedthrough may carry the maximum pin current at any given time.  
Subminiature-C Feedthrough Material Specifications
  • Shell
  • Pins
  • Seal / Insulator
  • Connector, Air
  • Connector, Vacuum
  • Connector, Vacuum, High Temperature

304 Stainless Steel
Au plated, Ni-Fe alloy
Macor® Cermic

*  Peek is a Polyether-ether-ketone thermoplastic.  
Feedthrough Vacuum Range Specifications
Vacuum Range  
  • UHV, Ultrahigh vacuum

1x10-10 Torr
Feedthrough Temperature Range Specifications
Temperature Range  
  • Feedthrough
  • Flange Mount, Conflat
  • Connector / Cable, Air
  • Connector / Cable, Vacuum
  • Connector, Ceramic
  • Thermal Gradient

-200ºC to 250ºC
-200ºC to 450ºC
25ºC / Minute Maximum

* Overall assembly ratings must be adjusted to that of the lowest rated component.  

Sub C Feedthrough flange "kit" additional features:

  • All of the above features (Feedthrough Flange)
  • In Vacuum cable assembly:
    • PEEK Sub-C connector to Kapton insulated cable assembly, 19-inches long.
  • Air Side cable assembly:
    • Delrine Sub C connector to cable assembly, 96-inches long.

All feedthroughs are mounted on CF Flanges that incorporate the industry standard "captured copper gasket" sealing principle, making it easy to mount to your existing CF Flange ports.

Conflat Flange Subminiature C Feedthrough Specifications