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Torr-Seal Mixing System

Torr Seal Epoxy Mixing System - Agilent

Torr-Seal Epoxy Mixing System

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Torr-Seal Epoxy Mixing System...

The Torr-Seal Mixing System includes an applicator gun, a 2 oz. Torr-Seal cartridge, and three (3) epoxy/resin applicator/mixer tips.  The mixing system uses the same resin sealant as standard Torr-Seal, while providing a easy way of mixing the Torr-Seal epoxy and resin.  The mixer gun dispenses premeasured epoxy and resin from the cartridge through the applicator/mixer tip so that a uniform Torr-Seal bead can be placed on almost any vacuum surface.

As with the standard Torr Seal tubes, the mixing system can be used at pressures of 10-9 Torr and below, and at temperatures from -45° C to 120° C (bakeable temperature).

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1x10-9 Torr
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