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Torr Seal Epoxy Mixing System - Agilent

Torr-Seal Epoxy Mixing System

Part Number: 113257

Torr-Seal Epoxy Mixing System.  Applcicator gun, Torr-Seal 2 oz., and three (3) mixer tips.

Epoxy Patch (Torr Seal Epoxy Equivalent)

Epoxy-Patch - Torr-Seal Equivalent

Part Number: 110515
Vacuum Sealant - Epoxy Patch, Direct Equivalent to Torr Seal 1.2 oz. Hardener and 2.8 oz. Resin.
Rated for In-Vacuum use from -45ºC to 120ºC and 1x10-9 Torr.
Vacseal - 1/2 oz.

Vacseal - 1/2 oz. Bottle.

Part Number: 110517

Vacuum Sealant - Vacseal - 1/2 oz. bottle with applicator brush.

Ultra High Vacuum Conductive Epoxy / Glue - 225ºC

UHV Conductive Silver-Filled Epoxy - 225ºC

Part Number: 113256

UHV Conductive Glue/Epoxy - Epo-Tek H27D High Temperature Rated - 1oz. of both Part-A and Part-B.

Vacuum rated to 1x10-10 Torr with a maximum operating temperature of 225ºC (325ºC Intermittent).

Ultra High Vacuum Epoxy Glue 250ºC

UHV Epoxy / Glue - 250ºC

Part Number: 111785

High temperature UHV compatible epoxy.

Great for sealing in SMA 905 Fiber Optic connectors as well as many other vacuum components.

Ultrahigh High Ultra In-Vacuum UHV HV Seal Epoxy Sealant Adhesive, drawing

Vacuum Compatible Adhesive Sealants

AGP adhesive sealants and vacuum epoxy provide a quick, permanent vacuum seal with low outgassing, suitable for use in high vacuum applications.

UHV Epoxy / Glue is great for sealing Fiber Optic SMA 905 connectors onto the Fiber.  There are many other uses for this product.

Torr-Seal / Sealant Great for sealing small leaks on Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) and High Vacuum environments.

Vacseal is suitable for use in ultrahigh vacuum systems with pressures to 1 x 10-12 Torr.  It has less in-vacuum weight loss than epoxy compounds and can withstand repeated temperature cycling from -200°C to 450°C.  Available in both liquid and aerosol.

Conductive Epoxy / Glue are available in two different types.  One is to 150ºC and the other one 270ºC.  These two are ideally suited for fine instrumentation wire and cable.