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Conductive Vacuum Glue and Conductive Epoxy

Ultra High Vacuum Conductive Epoxy/ Glue - 225ºC

UHV Conductive Epoxy - 225ºC

Part Number: 113255

UHV Conductive Glue/Epoxy - Epotek H21D - 1oz.

Vacuum rated to 1x10-10 Torr with a operating temperature to 225ºC.


Ultra High Vacuum Conductive Epoxy / Glue - 225ºC

UHV Conductive Silver-Filled Epoxy - 225ºC

Part Number: 113256

UHV Conductive Glue/Epoxy - Epo-Tek H27D High Temperature Rated - 1oz. of both Part-A and Part-B.

Vacuum rated to 1x10-10 Torr with a maximum operating temperature of 225ºC (325ºC Intermittent).

Ultra High Vacuum Epoxy Glue 250ºC

UHV Epoxy / Glue - 250ºC

Part Number: 111785

High temperature UHV compatible epoxy.

Great for sealing in SMA 905 Fiber Optic connectors as well as many other vacuum components.

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Conductive Vacuum Glue

Epo-Tek H21D and H27D conductive glue / epoxy is a two component, silver filled epoxy adhesive designed for semiconductor, hybrid-microelectronics, and is ideally suited for joining fine instrumentation wires.

This conductive epoxy passes NASA's low outgassing standard ASTM E595 with proper cure.