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ISO Flanges, KF Flanges, LF Flanges and Hardware, drawing

ISO Flanges, KF Flanges, LF Flanges

ISO-KF Flanges and LF Flanges

AGP offers a large line of ISO flanges in the KF, LF Flange style.  Fittings and hardware are designed to incorporate the industry standard "hinged or claw" clamp with centering ring sealing principle.  This is the standard high vacuum sealing method used throughout the industrial and scientific vacuum communities.  ISO flanges as well as mounting hardware is available to meet the demands of high vacuum environments.

ISO Flanges are rated for 150ºC and High Vacuum to 1x10-8 Torr.

What is the difference between KF and LF ISO flanges?

  • KF flanges have a tapered edge and require a Hinged Clamp to tighten the flange to the centering ring, ultimately making the vacuum seal.
  • LF flanges have groves in the top that accommodate the use of Claw Clamps and bolts to tighten the flange to the centering ring , ultimately making the vacuum seal.

Both styles require the use of a centering ring with a Viton O-ring.

Our range of products include numerous KF and LF flanged parts from conical reducers, nipples, elbows and couplings to all supporting mounting hardware including hinged clamps, claw clamps and centering rings.

View detailed drawings of each style on the detail page for that vacuum product.