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UHV Connector - 19C - Male, Circular PEEK

UHV Connector - 19C - Male, Circular PEEK

Part Number: 110250
19 Pin, PEEK MiL-C-26482 Male Circular (Sub-C) Connector.
(Contacts shown in picture are not included and must be purchased separately)

Gold Sockets - Female (TYPE: T-2) 10-Pack

Part Number: 110009

TYPE: T-2, Gold female socket contacts... closed entry design with a contact spring clip. 10/per package.


Gold Sockets - Female (TYPE: T-2) 25-Pack

Part Number: 111652

TYPE: T-2, Gold female socket contacts with sleeve. 25/per package.

Gold Pins - Male (TYPE: T-2) 10-Pack, .040 Inch

Gold Pins - Male (TYPE: T-2) 10-Pack

Part Number: 110008

TYPE: T-2, Gold male pin contacts. 10/per package.

Wire Stripper - 20-30 AWG

Wire Stripper- 20-30 AWG

Part Number: 100192

0.25-0.80mm, 20-30 AWG Wire Stripper. Great for use with KAPTON insulated wire.

Wire Stripper - 26-36 AWG

Wire Stripper- 26-36 AWG

Part Number: 100191

0.12-0.40mm, 26-36AWG wire stripper. Great for use with KAPTON insulated wire.

Screwdriver Set, Connector

Screwdriver Set - Connector

Part Number: 112146

This screwdriver set is ideally suited for all your connector needs.


19 pin PEEK Vacuum Connectors

UHV Connectors are made of a PEEK (polyether-etherketone) polymer material. Female connectors mate directly to the vacuum-side of UHV 19-pin Mil-C-26482 feedthroughs, HV 19-pin feedthroughs, or male cable assemblies. Individual connection components such as connector shells, contacts, and tools are available above. Please note that, although PEEK connectors are pictured with contacts, these are not included with connectors and must be purchased separately.

Caution: Note that cable leads must be threaded through connector back-piece before crimping contacts, as crimped contacts will not fit through back-piece holes.

UHV 19-pin PEEK Connectors Specifications:

  • Material: PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) Polymer
  • 19-pin (Mil-C-26482) interface
  • High temperature rated to 250°C
  • Voltage rating: 500 VDC max.
  • 5 AMPs per pin (20% of pins at any given time)
  • UHV rated 1x10-10 Torr

Standard Contacts are made of gold plated Copper alloy.

The tools for the installation of the contacts are also listed above.

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