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Subminiature-C (Sub-C/Type-C) - Ultrahigh (UHV), High Vacuum (HV), In-Vacuum

Subminiature-C (Sub-C or Type-C) - Ultrahigh (UHV), High Vacuum (HV), In-Vacuum

Subminiature-C (Sub-C, Type-C) - Ultrahigh (UHV), High Vacuum (HV), In-Vacuum

Accu-Glass Products Subminiature-C multi-pin hermetic feedthroughs (also known as Sub-C or Type-C) are designed for applications where space is limited, or where Subminiature-D (Sub D) connections will not fit.  Its compact design allows installation into a 1.33 inch CF metal seal and ISO-NW16KF elastomer seal vacuum flanges.

Nine gold-plated pins are arranged in a straight through pin-to-pin design and are hermetically sealed and electrically insulated in a stainless steel shell using the latest in glass-ceramic bonding technology.

Air and vacuum side connectors are fitted with a captured stainless steel socket-head screw providing a means of securely locking connectors to a mating feedthrough. On the vacuum side, Kapton® insulated cable assemblies fitted with PEEK connectors are available to meet the rigorous demands of (UHV) ultrahigh vacuum as well as (HV) High Vacuum environments.  In-vacuum connector screws are vented where required and the feedthrough's threaded-boss doubles as a connection polarizing key. Air to vacuum pin position is identified with a permanent surface mark, which clearly locates pin assignments. Subminiature-C feedthroughs and cables are sold individually or as kits, where each kit contains a feedthrough and both vacuum and air side cable assemblies.

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