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Mounting Hardware - Conflat CF Flanges, Ultrahigh (UHV) In-Vacuum

1.33 ~ 16.5 CF Flange Fastener Kits - Mounting Hardware
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Gasket Clip Set for CF Flanges.
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Gasket Clip Set for CF Flanges / Fits all Conflat® CF Flange sizes, 2 Clips per package.

Mounting Hardware Conflat Cf Flanges - Ultrahigh (UHV) In-Vacuum, drawing

Mounting Hardware for Conflat CF Flanges, Ultrahigh (UHV) In-Vacuum

Ultrahigh (UHV) In-Vacuum Mounting Hardware consists of sets of Nuts, Bolts, and washers for a given size of Conflat CF flange. These are made with low magnetic permeability, 18-8 stainless steel.

It is strongly recommended that all bolt, nut, and washer combinations are lubricated, either by one component being silver-plated or the application of a suitable thread lubricant.

These CF Flange Mounting Hardware are good to use on Conflat CF Flanges that are rated to 450ºC and 1x10-10 Torr.

Hex Head Bolts
Hex-head bolts are long enough to penetrate two through-holed flanges and leaves plenty of space for washers and nuts. For blind-tapped flanges or tapped flanges and shorter length bolt is needed.

Please see individual products for specifications.
12-Point Cap Screws – Please call for your requirement.